Volume 2, 2000

Sciences and Engineering
   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

   Michael M. Carberry and Assimina A. Pelegri:

Out of plane deformation measurements of axially loaded composite materials using electronic speckle pattern interferometry

   Stephanie Devlin and E. Roger Cowley:

Monte Carlo simulations of small model systems with phase transitions

   Maria Celeste Garcia, David M. Kline, Rene S. Rosenson-
   Schloss and Prabhas V. Moghe:

Neutralizing LDL-induced white blood cell damage: investigation of a new antioxidant route

   John C. Hernandez, Kenneth G. Miller, and Mark Feigenson:

87Sr/86Sr dating of Upper Cretaceous (Campanian and Santonian) depositional sequences: Bass River and Ancora, NJ ODP Leg 174 AX

   Yuk tung Kenneth Ho, Jayati Johri and Benjamin Glasser:

The effect of particle properties on the dynamics of
fluidized Beds

   Michael A. Lawandy, Xiaoying Huang, Jack Y. Lu, Ru-Ji Wang
   and Jing Li:

Two-dimensional metal coordination networks
hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure, and thermal properties of [M(ox)(bpy)] (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Zn; ox = C2O42- ; bpy = 4, 4'-bipyridine) and [MCl2(bpy)] (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Co/Ni)

   Alycia A Lunga, Aurea C. Vasconcelos, and Nathan H. Hart:

Molecular survey of myosins in zebrafish oocytes

   Trung Nguyen and John B. Sheridan:

Transition-metal mediated cycloaddition reactions of enynes

   Robert Piszczek, Brianne Dziadul, Elizabeth Shen, and Balaji

Differential scanning calorimetry studies of crystalline morphology in bioerodible polyanhydrides for drug delivery

   Natalie A. Pitchford and Norbert P. Psuty:

Toward a model of sedimentation in Kettle Creek and Silver Bay, Northern Barnegat Bay, New Jersey

   Nancy S. Redeker, Jeanne Ruggiero, Laura Dankanics,
   Jamille Nagtalon, Karis Robinson, Maria Ruberto
   Barbara Sorkin:

Self-reported sleep of post-operative cardiac
surgery patients: preliminary data

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