Volume 1, 1999

Humanities and Social Sciences
   (alphabetical by last name of first author)

   Sunday Di Palma, Gayle G. Topper and Miriam Cruz:
Women's attainment of leadership positions in social work academia: the impact of region

   Carmen Godwin and Fernanda Perrone:

Woman in a man's world: the career of Mary G. Roebling

   Anisha Patel, Judith A. Lucas, Bernadette G. Janas, and Carole

Processes of identifying and managing eating problems among non-demented elderly residents in a nursing home: A preliminary report

   Nancy S. Redeker, Patricia J. Moulton, Maria Walsh, Jennifer
   Belgioso, Laura Benedetto, Toni Czeczuga, Laura Papania,
   Mary Laura Reyes, and Kerry Ann Wymbs:
Self-management intervention for elderly heart failure patients: preliminary data

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